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CyFlow™ Cube 6 /Cube 6 Max

The CyFlow™ Cube 6 is an economical 6 parameter flow cytometry instrument equipped with blue and blue/red lasers and 4 fluorescence detectors, suitable for a wide range of applications. The minimal set-up time and maintenance enables easy instrument operation.

With its compact, bench-top design (L 381 x W 280 x H 279.5 mm), the CyFlow™ Cube 6 features a built-in Windows™ PC with a 15" LCD screen (additional 2nd screen support). The CyFlow® Cube 6 is equipped with standard interfaces for USB, LAN, video output, etc.

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For Research Use Only

The Sysmex CyFlow™ Cube Max Series

The CyFlow™ Cube 6 Max and the CyFlow Cube 8 Max include the Blue 488 nm and the new, powerful Red 640 nm lasers. They are also enhanced with upgraded optical filters. The CyFlow Cube Max Series cytometers are also fully loaded with the upgraded CyFlow™ software. Easy-to-use with powerful results!

Talk with your Sysmex representative for complete details.
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Light Source Up to 2 simultaneous light sources (laser) Blue laser: 50mW 488nm Red... more
CyFlow™ Cube 6 /Cube 6 Max

Light Source

  • Up to 2 simultaneous light sources (laser)
  • Blue laser: 50mW 488nm
  • Red laser: 25mW 638nm
  • Cytometer Dimensions: L 385mm x W 280mm x H 290mm
  • Robby Autoloader Station: L 745mm

View our CyFlow™ Cube Demonstration Video

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The newly designed, intuitive CyFlow acquisition and analysis software offers measurement of millions of cells at your fingertips.

  • Quickly choose your plots for analysis from all combinations shown in Preview Mode.
  • Easily compare plots with the Overlay Wizard, for single or dual parameters.
  • Share and customize your results within your research organization with the report generator.
  • Change your view with Zoom and V-Log scale, you are even able to gate in Zoom Mode.
  • Compensation rapidly with Compensation Wizard.


CyFlow® Robby 6 Autoloading Station

  • Protective housing with no light incidence
  • Flexible well/tube measurements

Microplates and Tubes

  • 48 or 96-Well-Plates, V, U and flat-bottom are fitting (max.2)
  • Plates meeting the Standards (ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 through 4-2004)
  • 2ml tubes (max. 120)

See Consumables/Other Reagents for a list of specific Ploidy Reagents.

Autoloader Dimensions
L 360mm x W 370mm x H 270mm


  • Absolute Cell Counting
  • Immunology
  • Hematology and Platelet Analysis
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma
  • Leukocyte Depletion
  • Stem Cells
  • Pathology
  • Cancer Research
  • DNA Analysis
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell Cultures
  • Cell and Particle Sorting
  • Cell Proliferation
  • Cytokines
  • Viability
  • Toxicology
  • Quality Assurance in Food & Beverage Industry
  • Fermentation Process Control
  • Detection of Microorganisms
  • Research
  • Quality Control in Dairy Industry & Milk Products
  • Biomonitoring
  • Marine Biology & Algae
  • Nucleic Acid Composition
  • Bioreactor Process Optimization
  • Quality Control in Cosmetics
  • Research | Agrosciences | Breeding | Aquaculture
  • Sperm Cell Counting, Viability and Function